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Working Night Shifts? Here are 4 Ways to Tackle the Twilight Zone

Hero blog night shift blog

While taking night shifts comes with the territory of travel nursing, it can be a challenge to transition from your normal schedule, particularly when you’re in a new assignment in a different time zone.

Achieve Financial Fitness with These 3 Tips for Travel Nurses

Hero blog 3 Tips for Travel Nurses

As a travel nurse, you spend most of your time caring for others, leaving little time for managing your personal finances or long-term financial fitness.

How the COVID Emergency Highlighted the Need for Widespread Nursing Compact Licensure

Covid Emergency Highlighted The Need For Widespread Nursing

Reducing all the bureaucracy, paperwork and burden during the time of a crisis or national public emergency just makes reasonable sense.

Cross Country Healthcare Hosts Webinar Addressing Compassion Fatigue Amid COVID-19

Hero blog FAU_Webinar_Compassion_Fatigue

Cross Country Healthcare recently presented a webinar entitled COVID & Compassion Fatigue, cohosted by Cross Country Healthcare’s Chief Clinical Officer, Hank Drummond, and Florida Atlantic University (FAU) Dean of Nursing, Safiya George, PhD, FAANP.

Travel Nurse Nabiha Saad Shares Her Story from the Front Lines of COVID-19 in New York


Cross Country Nurses’ very own Nabiha Saad was supposed to travel overseas in March to spend a couple of months visiting her kids.

I feel tired and stressed out lately, and know I should address it; but as a nurse, I feel like right now is the wrong time for me to take a break from things. I don’t want to let my coworkers or patients down. What should I do?

I dont want to let my coworkers or patients down

I really appreciate this question in these very unusual times. During this pandemic, nurses are being pushed to edge with increased volumes, workload and a multitude of various stressors.

Self-Care Your Way to a $500 Gift Card for Nurses Week 2020


Nurses Week 2020 is just around the corner, and we’re celebrating you by making sure you celebrate you. Our ‘Self-Care Isn’t Selfish Contest’ is all about reminding you to engage in a little “me time” whenever you have the opportunity.

I am traveler nurse and my unit has been closed during this COVID-19 crisis. What does it mean to be redirected? Help me understand.

Covid Redirect proof TS

The reason for the closure is really two-fold. One is to conserve the PPE supplies. Secondly, we are trying to limit exposure to COVID-19 in the acute care settings.

What do I need to know about floating during this COVID National Crisis as a Cross Country Nurse?

Ask-hank-need to know about floating

As indicated in your question above, this is a national crisis! Nurses are on the frontline workforce day in and day out. Your skill sets are needed in a variety of ways and measures.

What if I want to cancel my crisis assignment and go elsewhere?

What if I want to cancel my crisis assignment and go elsewhere

I really appreciate this question. During these unprecedented times, nurses are needed and relied upon more than ever before.

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