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What to do in Los Angeles as a Travel Nurse

Whether you like your toes in the sand or Hollywood-style glitz and glam, the Sunset Strip or Disneyland, you should consider a travel nurse assignment in Los Angeles! L.A. and the surrounding areas offer some of the most pleasant weather in the world, with a Mediterranean climate that is mostly dry and warm year-round. So, you know what that means – plenty of good hair days! Which is probably at least part of the reason L.A. was the birthplace of hair metal! And speaking of music, if you like it, you’ll find lots of it here, from hip hop and block rockin’ beats in the hottest dance clubs to live shows at historic music venues throughout the city. Here is our travel guide for nurses wondering what to eat, drink, do and Instagram on a travel assignment in Los Angeles.

Eat This!


If chili cheese dogs are your thing (and seriously, why wouldn’t they be?), you do not want to miss a trip to Pink’s! A Hollywood Legend since 1939, Pink’s is a hot dog stand that serves more than 2,000 hot dogs and 200 hamburgers a day. Yes, there very well may be a line outside, but trust us when we say it’s worth the wait. Enjoy their classic chili dog or take a culinary leap of faith with the Polish pastrami dog, the Guadalajara dog, or the mushroom Swiss cheese dog. The burger menu, specials and SUPER specials named after Hollywood film, music and sports legends will satisfy your craving for… just about anything edible! Open from 9:30 am until late, late night, Pink’s is the perfect place to begin, or end, your day in L.A.!


Every city has their must-try dish, and in Los Angeles, that dish is a hearty bowl of ramen! Located in the Little Tokyo section of the city, Daikokuya is easy to walk right past if you aren’t paying attention, but once you step inside and get a whiff of the rich, creamy pork broth simmering in the kitchen, your taste buds will be on high alert! This charming little restaurant will make you feel as though you slipped through a wormhole and landed in Japan, with its authentic menu and décor that replicates a Japanese city street. Menu items include dumplings, rice bowls, sushi, bento boxes and of course, ramen! Vegan options are available.

Drink This!

Menotti’s Coffee Shop

Any travel nurse on assignment in Los Angeles is bound to end up in Venice Beach at some point, and while you’re there you can hit up one of the city’s most beloved coffee shops, Menotti’s. The menu offers a wide selection of vegan and organic coffee options including espressos, lattes, flat whites, cortados and americanos. In addition to its totally rad coffee, this local favorite stands out because of its music vibe: they spin classic vinyl records all day long! A limited variety of pastries is also available. This is a great spot to chill and people-watch, and it’s located just steps from the infamous Venice Beach boardwalk.

Café Brass Monkey

If you’re looking for a special night out to really shake things up on your next L.A. travel nurse assignment, consider local favorite Café Brass Monkey, which has been a hotspot for cocktails and karaoke since 1971. This Koreatown establishment is part dive bar, part restaurant, and 100% karaoke… all night, every night, which guarantees an unforgettable evening! The wall is plastered with photographs of celebrities who have stopped in to crank out a tune or two, so you never know who you’ll hear singing here. If you would like it to be you, just pick your favorite song and add your name to the list. The diverse, encouraging crowd will encourage you and probably sing along.

Do This!

Wi Spa

If you’ve never experienced a Korean spa, you simply must indulge yourself at Wi Spa in L.A.’s Koreatown. Extremely long and harrowing shift? Need to rid yourself of some everyday stress? Just want to nurse a hangover? Wi Spa is the place to go for pure relaxation and the restoration of your well-being, no matter what is bringing you down. Open 24 hours a day, you can come and let yourself be pampered after any shift. A $25 entrance fee gets you in the door (and is waived if you purchase several spa services) and gets you access to a fully equipped gym, five signature sauna rooms and a variety of common areas. Additional services include acupressure, foot and body massages, pedicures, manicures, facials, body wraps and scrubs at very reasonable prices. Reserve services ahead of time to guarantee a specific schedule, and don’t forget to check out the rooftop lounge.

Venice Beach Boardwalk

The Venice Boardwalk embodies pretty much everything you think about when you try to visualize the California lifestyle. Beautiful ocean views, unique shopping and dining experiences, muscly, suntanned locals, and street vendors and performers create a Bohemian vibe that you won’t want to miss. Additionally, this is an excellent place to come for an outdoor workout, whether you’re into body building, power lifting, basketball, handball, yoga, volleyball, skating and more. This hub of artistic inspiration and creativity even boasts a community drum circle which brings locals and tourists alike together for a spiritual bonding phenomenon each weeknight at sundown. It’s also the perfect spot to take in a gorgeous California sunset.

Instagram This!

Griffith Park

Once an ostrich farm designed to lure buyers to properties developed by a wealthy industrialist who went to prison for the attempted murder of his wife, Griffith Park is currently the second largest city park in California. With sweeping views of the city and the Hollywood Hills, this popular, expansive park is sometimes called the Central Park of Los Angeles. It’s a great place to spend the day walking, hiking or horseback riding. The park is naturally picturesque, which has made it a favorite for a number of famous movie scenes and music videos. But what makes this park extra special for serious ‘grammers is its proximity to the iconic Hollywood sign, and this is the perfect place to photograph it.

The Santa Monica Pier

Awesome photo opportunities aside, the Santa Monica Pier is an excellent way to spend a day off from your travel nurse assignment in Los Angeles. This double-jointed pier at the foot of Colorado Avenue has been thrilling visitors with its breathtaking views and amusement park rides for more than 100 years. Other attractions include an aquarium, street performers and entertainers, a video arcade, a trapeze school, and numerous bars and restaurants. The world’s first and only solar powered Ferris wheel is located here and is an excellent subject for another iconic Los Angeles social media shot that is sure to blow up your notifications.

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