LPN / Medical Surgical Surgery Floor

By: Cross Country Nurses
Posted: Aug 5, 2022

LPN / Medical Surgical Surgery Floor

Location: Burlington, VT Rate: $1845/wk
Salary: Represents wages of $18.02/hour and up to $1196.99/week for expenses. Shift Length: 12hr nights
Shift Time: Night Contract Length: 20 weeks
Start Date: 08/29/2022

Job description

This medical center offers high-quality, innovative healthcare and medicine to residents in the Burlington, Vermont area. By collaborating with other local hospitals and universities, the medical center remains on the cutting edge, consistently improving the region’s quality of life by integrating new knowledge and discoveries into their practices. Furthermore, these partnerships allow the medical facility to deliver a large range of resources and specialties, ensuring the highest-level of patient care.

Job Reference: 516710

Job Location: Burlington, Vermont

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