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American travel nursing offers an adventure of lifetime — experience it today!

How you live your life is as important as how you make your living.

Assignment America can help you achieve your personal and professional goals in an exciting U.S. nursing career. If you're an RN with one year of post-graduate, acute-care experience, Assignment America offers limitless opportunities to experience American culture, continue your education and master the latest clinical skills.

As part of the Cross Country Healthcare family of companies, Assignment America draws on more than 40 years of experience working with the top healthcare facilities in the United States. Our clients are internationally renowned teaching facilities, community-based hospitals and fast-paced urban trauma centers -in short, the cutting-edge, innovative places that can turbo-charge a career.

Is it time for a new direction in your professional life? Then pack your sense of adventure! We're ready when you are.

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"CCN has changed the way I look for and find jobs. It's as easy as looking and clicking on my phone. It’s a snap!" - Bob RN Columbus