FAQs about becoming a travel nurse

FAQs about becoming
a travel nurse

Frequently asked questions

“How to become a travel nurse?” is one of the top questions asked by nurses who want to give traveling a try. It’s probably easier than you think! Just call us at 800.530.6125 and we will have a recruiter walk you through the process. Your recruiter will get to know you and both your personal and professional goals, and the two of you will explore a variety of travel possibilities based on those criteria. If you already have travel nurse experience, feel free to search our current opportunity and apply online. A recruiter will reach out to you after you submit the application form.

The truth is, most travel nurses don’t get into traveling to make a ton of money, they do it to travel the country and explore new cities and clinical settings. That is not to say you can’t earn an excellent living as a travel nurse. Compensation varies by hospital and geographical location and is comparable to what you might earn in a traditional full-time staff position. Your compensation package will often include a combination of an hourly rate, assorted benefits such as medical and dental insurance and 401(k), continuing education credits, and reimbursements like travel and housing expenses, licensing costs and malpractice insurance that may differ for each individual assignment.

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Travel nurses are just like regular nurses, except they work one short-term contract at a time, usually about 12-14 weeks each, at different hospitals. Sometimes these contracts get extended and a nurse will stay at one hospital for a longer period of time. Other travel nurses prefer to always be on the go, exploring new cities, states and clinical settings with each new assignment. Travel nurses who try to maintain steady assignments without any lengthy gaps in between will typically average about four contract assignments per year.

Most hospitals and healthcare facilities prefer travel nurses to have at least one year of nursing experience in the nursing specialty they will be contracted for. This can vary by assignment and hospital, so the best way to find out if you will qualify for a specific assignment is to reach out to a recruiter directly.

When you choose to take your nursing career on the road, you open yourself up to a world of adventure! Each new travel assignment is an opportunity to get to know a new city or state as well as different clinical settings. This is an excellent option for a nurse who isn’t ready to settle down in a specific location or just loves the adventure of meeting new people and exploring new places. Many nurses also choose travel nursing to escape the politics and pressures that come along with a full-time job in one static location. You are never in one place for long enough to become involved, which can be a great way to prevent and avoid burnout.

What you pack to take along on each travel nurse assignment will probably depend on a number of things, including the location and how long you will be there. Check the weather forecast and the average seasonal temperature to make sure you pack weather-appropriate clothing, including footwear, jackets and other outwear, as necessary. You’ll probably also want to bring sleepwear, workout clothing if you exercise, and clothing to wear on your downtime. Additionally, make sure to bring any medications that you take regularly, as well as your toiletries. It’s best to travel light on any given assignment, but keep in mind you will be at each location for several months.

Our travel nurses receive comprehensive healthcare benefits, including medical and dental insurance with prescription coverage (also available for dependents), life insurance, free professional liability insurance, supplemental and short-term disability insurance. We also offer a 401(k) plan through Fidelity. Additional benefits include competitive compensation, pay shift differentials on select assignments, sign-on and completion bonuses for select assignments, referral bonuses, direct deposit and travel reimbursement allowances.

We have an in-house team of travel nurse housing experts who will set you up with free, private housing, often within walking distance to your travel nurse assignment. This usually consists of a move-in ready, furnished apartment, with utilities up and running before you move in. Additionally, we will cover your moving expenses when you travel from one assignment to another.

Yes! Our in-house academic center, Cross Country University, provides numerous educational opportunities including free CEUs accepted wherever you travel. Additionally, as a member of the Cross Country family, you will receive up to 20% tuition reimbursement toward a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN), Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) or Doctor of Nursing (DSN) degree at a variety of colleges and universities throughout the country.
In fact, we encourage it! A travel nurse job in an unfamiliar city is a great way to become familiar with new cities coast to coast. You can experience the local culture in each new location, including climate, weather, food, entertainment, the locals and so much more! For more information about a specific city where you are considering a travel assignment, check out our City Guides for Travel Nurses to see what each has to offer.
There are a number of ways you can apply for one of our travel nurse jobs. Fill out an application form located on any of our job description pages or by simply clicking here. You can also call us at 800.530.6125 and a recruiter will walk you through the application process. 

We work with your timeline and can get you confirmed for a job in just a few days and started in as early as a couple of weeks! To submit you for a position, we’ll need to build your profile. We have a team of people to make that easy for you. Not quite ready to start your adventure? We’ll get you prepared for future travel; it’s never too early to start! Tell us how you want to work, and we’ll make it happen for you.

Travel assignments are full time, either 36 or 40 hours per week depending on the hospital or healthcare facility. Yes, you may work overtime.

We offer bonuses for select assignments, as well as our overtime incentive. We also offer the best Referral Rewards in the industry.  Speak to a recruiter today for details.

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