Will I get health insurance as a travel nurse?

Will I get health insurance as a travel nurse?
September 09, 2019 13:25 PM (GMT-04:00)
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Hank’s Response:

Thank you for this question.   The quick answer is, yes!   You will be able to have insurance coverage that offers you a large variety of options to best fit your situation. Your health and you maintaining your health are of utmost importance to you and the patients your serve each day.  Our goal is making certain that you are holistically healthy every day!

Cross Country provides you with a variety of options that allows you to select and be in control of what works best for you and your family.  We strive to offer you great coverage at affordable rates.

Our comprehensive benefits package includes medical insurance (with several options to choose from), dental insurance, vision plan coverage, long term disability coverage, short term disability coverage, telemedicine, employee assistance programs, flex spending accounts (pre-tax), supplemental life insurance, identity theft protection programs, 401K programs, accidental and critical illness insurance and free invaluable financial empowerment education courses. Additionally, our Benefits Department from Human Resources is always looking for ways to improve, enhance, and deliver to our employees.

While all of these are great, it can be a bit overwhelming when selecting from the options and understanding them fully.  Our Human Resource Department can provide you with easy to follow guides to assist you in the selection process.  If you are still in need, one of our HR Specialists can assist you with the process and answer any and all questions related to insurance coverage.

Cross Country always stand ready to assist you and to make you successful in all that you do. But to be successful you must maintain your health.  We encourage you to make yourself a priority and take time to care for you.

I look forward to more questions from our nurses. Our goal is to make you successful. Please submit your questions here. Remember: no question is out of order - send them all my way!

Always remember the words of Florence Nightingale: “I attribute my success to this - I never gave or took any excuse.”

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