I am a new travel nurse and I have my first phone interview with the Nurse Manager at the Hospital. What can I expect during this interview?

June 06, 2019 12:24 PM (GMT-04:00)
Ask Hank

First of all, thanks for asking a question that so many first-time travelers want answered!

Like any interview, a phone interview can be an event that makes you anxious.  However, the good news is that the hospital and/or the nurse manager has reviewed your skills/application/profile and they are interested in YOU. Take a breath!

So, you are now confirming with the facility that, YES, in fact you do have the skills and expertise to help them drive results and outcomes for the patient population they serve. They want YOU!

My advice would be the following:

  1. As with any interview, prepare yourself for the interview. Review and research the location to understand the size of the facility, the kind of patient population that they care for and understand any unique characteristics of the facility.
  2. Make sure when you take the call/interview it is in an environment that is free from distraction and background noise. If you’re going to be using a cell phone, make sure you have enough charge on the phone and the connection is excellent.
  3. Review your resume and be prepared to speak to your past work experiences, the types of patients you have cared for in the past, your skill sets in relationship to drug administration, equipment, or skills needed to work in the unit that you are interviewing for on the call.
  4. If the interview is a video call, make certain you look professional and well groomed. Ensure the background is presentable and without distraction (no pets, children, people moving about, sounds, etc.).  Remember, this is your opportunity to present yourself professionally and the one that they will want.
  5. Prior to the call, prepare your list of questions you want to ask.  Such as:
    1. Tell me about the unit.
    2. What is the patient-nurse ratio?
    3. What kind of patients are in this unit?
    4. What is the culture of the unit?
    5. Help me understand the leadership style of the manager of this unit.
    6. Explain to me the quality goals for this unit.
    7. Ask about breaks, uniforms, parking, etc.
    8. Ask them to tell you the 3 most important things to know as a traveler/nurse about this unit.
  6. At the end of your questions, explain to the manager why you think you are a fit for this unit.  Sell yourself!
  7. Finally, thank them for their time and say that you look forward to meeting them in person soon. Confirm your phone number for any additional questions. Ask them for an email address. (You want to send a thank you follow-up note for their time and the interview).

Again, thank you for the question. I wish you the best of luck and remember this is your time to shine and tell them how great you are!

I look forward to more questions from our nurses.  Our goal is to make you successful.  Please submit your questions here.   Remember: no question is out of order - send them all my way!

Always remember the words of Florence Nightingale: “I attribute my success to this - I never gave or took any excuse.”

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