I just arrived at a new hospital and some of the other staff are not so welcoming. What can I do to help ease tensions on my unit?

I just arrived at a new hospital and some of the other staff are not so welcoming.  What can I do to help ease tensions on my unit?
July 05, 2019 13:23 PM (GMT-05:00)
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First, let’s recognize that it is not always easy to “fit into the crowd.” However, here are some suggestions to help you fit in and feel settled in your new environment.

  1. Influence: You need to remember that you can only influence others, but you can fully control you. Meaning that your actions and your words really count as a new member of any work group. So, be the very best you! Perform well, offer assistance, offer praise and say thank you.

  2. Experts: See your co-workers as experts in this unit. Use them as a resource and use their knowledge base to help yourself to be successful on this unit. Seek them out for questions. Thank them for their wealth of knowledge about this unit. Acknowledge them as unit experts and let them know you want to learn from them.

  3. Common Ground: Find common ground. Talk about shared interests you may notice, such as children, leisure activities, sports, coffee, cars, etc. This will help you build those relationship among your peers and is a great way to ease into team.

  4. Be you. No need to fake it - you are a special person and you have great gifts. They will see that in you as you work together on the unit. By being yourself, you will be more relaxed and less stressed. Relax you have this. You are a great nurse.

  5. Reach out. Finally, reach out to your co-workers. When things are busy, offer your assistance. When a volunteer is needed, offer yourself. Be of value to the group as a whole. Be grateful for them and offer words and notes of thanks. At the end of the shift, thank your team members for their help and tell them how much you appreciate each of them.

By utilizing these simple recommendations, you will feel more comfortable with your new co-workers and they will see you as a valuable member of team.

If issues persist, always remember you are never alone. Reach out to your Clinical Liaison for assistance and guidance at any time.

I look forward to more questions from our nurses.  Our goal is to make you successful.  Please submit your questions here.   Remember: no question is out of order - send them all my way!

Always remember the words of Florence Nightingale: “I attribute my success to this - I never gave or took any excuse.”

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