[Infographic] Medical/Surgical Demand Continues to Climb

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May 17, 2017 11:16 AM (GMT-04:00)
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Are you looking for a fun and exciting travel nursing assignment?
Demand for those specializing in medical/sugical specialties continues to surge in California, North Carolina and Texas!
Travel Nurse Demand Infographic


The cities in California with the most need for travel nurses currently include San Francisco, Modesto, Los Angeles, Rancho Mirage and La Jolla. Some of California’s most popular tourist sights include cliff lined beaches, Redwood Forest, Sierra Nevada Mountains, Central Valley Farmlands and Mojave Desert. With so many outdoor treasures to explore in the Golden State, you’ll always have something fun to do when you’re not at work!

North Carolina

If you’re a lover of southern charm, North Carolina will not disappoint! Filled with beautiful landscapes from the Atlantic Ocean beaches to the Appalachian Mountains, North Carolina offers something for everyone. The cities most in need of travel nurses include Gastonia, Charlotte, Concord and West-Salem. With over 100 hospitals, North Carolina is has one of the most vital medical communities in the country – giving travel nurses many opportunities for diverse professional experiences.


A hotbed for travel nursing, Texas has a thriving medical scene with several renowned hospitals. The cities of Fort Worth, Temple, Houston, Round Rock and Kyle all have a demand for travel nurses of all specialties, making it an appealing medical scene for many nurses. As home to the Rio Grande River and several outdoor attractions, Texas makes the perfect travel nursing destination for anyone looking to break out of their comfort zone.
Choosing a travel assignment in one of the states above will allow you to advance your nursing career in thriving medical communities while exploring a new city. You’ll experience a trip of a lifetime while earning a competitive salary –it’s a win-win!
Ready for a new travel nursing adventure in which you can earn up to $30,289 in just 13 weeks?
Cross Country Nurses has many travel nursing opportunities available in these states during the months of May through August. Let us help you land your next travel assignment!

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