Exclusive Jobs for Travel Nurses that Love Sightseeing

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September 27, 2017 16:25 PM (GMT-04:00)
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Exclusive Jobs for Travel Nurses that Love Sightseeing

Travel nurses, on their days off, like to get out there and do something, see something, experience something different. You could say it’s just in their nature to want to explore. That’s probably why, when asked in the 2017 Travel Nurse Dream Destination Survey, 64 percent said they want a destination with great sights to see. Who can blame them? As a travel healthcare professional there is an added level of excitement to discovering new cities.

From the Inner Harbor of Baltimore to the Walk of Fame in Los Angeles — Cross Country Nurses has assignments in all of the hottest sightseeing destinations. These are the cities that will give you an eye-full on your days off.

This city has a unique personality with lots to see and explore, especially in its many neighborhoods. Take in the National Aquarium in the Inner Harbor then discover the professional and independent theaters in the Bromo Tower district. There is something different to do in each distinct locales.

Just far enough away from the hustle and bustle of Manhattan, Long Island is the place to kick back, relax and take in some surf, sand, history and inviting restaurants and bars. From Fire Island to the Hamptons, there’s are reason the rich and famous escape here.

Located on the Arkansas River, Tulsa offers Southern charm with cosmopolitan style. You can thank its rich oil heritage for the world-class cultural sights and the warm welcoming people for all the great entertainment the city hosts.

City of the stars but home to so much more. Los Angeles offers endless enlightening experiences. Take in the night skies at the Griffith Observatory, hike the Los Liones Trail, or just chill at Malibu beach… Los Angeles goes beyond its icon status.

Seattle is much prettier than its coffee and grunge reputation. This city is actually surrounded with unmatched natural beauty that can easily provide outdoor activities for every taste — hiking, biking, ballooning even flightseeing! 

Located near the confluence of the Tanana and Chena Rivers, the town offers sightseeing with an adventurous spin. Consider its gold mining history and last frontier location and you can picture everything from panning for gold to dog mushing.

This charming and historic capital city offers plenty of sights to see. Learn about Central High School’s place in the civil rights movement, explore the Clinton Presidential Center and imagine a world free of hunger and poverty at the Heifer Village.

Known as one of the “World’s 30 Friendliest Cities” by Condé Nast Traveler readers, this coastal town has a world-class reputation for hospitality and grace. Not to mention, it also offers mouth-watering southern cuisine, ghost stories and a riverboat tour.


Known as the Queen City, Charlotte can entertain royalty without a problem. From the world-famous U.S. National Whitewater Center to the Reed Gold Mine and the Levine Museum of the New South… adventure and history await.

Conveniently located in the center of the state, Winston-Salem has a wide variety of attractions from historic landmarks and gardens to contemporary art galleries and vineyards to sporting events.

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