3 Simple Ways Travel Nurses Can Personalize Temporary Housing

Personalizing temp housing for travel nurses
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August 30, 2019 08:46 AM (GMT-05:00)
CCN Travel Tips

When you take a travel assignment, you will often be provided with short-term housing for travel nurses. While this is an excellent perk since furnished temporary housing saves you money and is usually near the facility you’re assigned to, it isn’t exactly home, or even homey, for that matter. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make it feel more like home! With just a little bit of effort, you can make your temporary space feel both homey and more like home. Here are some travel nursing housing tips you may want to try.

Photos of Friends and Family

This one might seem obvious but be sure to bring some photos of your loved ones to display in your temporary space. And yes, print them out! Having them outside of your phone or other device will make them feel closer and will let you relax more than you would with your phone in your hand. Something else to consider is a digital photo frame. You can load a digital photo frame with hundreds of rotating images of your favorite people, places and animals.

Bring a Favorite Thing from Home

If you have a specific object at home that makes you feel better why not bring it? For some this may be a favorite throw blanket or a soft, old tee shirt. Or maybe it’s a candle with a scent that soothes you, a book you’ve read a million times or a playlist of your favorite songs. Your Cross Country Nurses housing probably won’t have room for all your favorite things, but you can definitely fit a few of them to make you feel more at home. Speaking of what to bring, have you made a checklist of things to bring on your travel assignment?

Add a Live Plant or Fresh Flowers

Indoor plants have been proven to boost your mood, productivity, concentration and creativity, and will definitely make your temporary travel nurse space feel homier. Live plants also clean your indoor air by absorbing toxins, and they increase humidity and produce oxygen, as well. Indoor plants are available at Farmer’s Markets and the garden section of numerous department stores and home goods retailers. In addition to plants, why not buy yourself some fresh flowers to keep in your short-term digs? They will add beauty and a pleasant aroma that are sure to lift your spirits.

Display Some Temporary Wall Art

The walls at your temporary housing space are bound to be barer than you’re used to, but there’s an easy fix for that: Command Poster Strips. These handy, double sided tape strips let you hang all kinds of things on your walls and then easily remove them without leaving any marks. Blow up some of your favorite photos or buy some prints or posters that reflect your style or just make you happy. Amazon, eBay and thrift store are all great places to hunt for low-cost wall art you won’t feel bad about tossing when you move on to a new assignment.

Ready to decorate your temporary travel housing space? First, you’ll have to search for a new travel nurse assignment.

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