How to Manage Travel Nursing Requirements & Documentation Compliance

Manage travel nursing documentation compliance
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August 28, 2019 00:09 AM (GMT-05:00)
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What is the Best Way to Manage Your Important Travel Nursing Documentation?

If you’ve been traveling for more than the past several years, you probably have a travel nursing portfolio of documentation you keep with you at all times that includes your licenses, certifications, medical records and other important compliance documents. In this day and age, your travel nurse checklist may now also include digital copies of all of these travel nurse requirements. Additionally, you may be carrying documentation specific to the facility in which you are currently working. All of this paperwork can become rather cumbersome if you aren’t extremely organized. So, what’s the easiest way to manage it all?

How to Store Travel Nursing Documentation Digitally

You know better than anyone about the importance of having travel nursing documentation copies. The first step is to make high-quality copies of all your travel nursing documentation, which you can do at a FedEx/Kinkos or your favorite neighborhood copy center. Along with your licenses, certifications and medical records including any drug test documentation, you also want to keep digital copies of your driver’s license, passport, social security card and CEU certificates. Either have them scanned to digital at the copy center, or in a pinch, take a picture of the documents with your cell phone. Make sure you remember to copy both sides of each document. Keep one copy of each of these documents on your personal computer or tablet, and store extra copies on a thumb drive or other portable device. You may also want to consider renting personal cloud storage to keep your documents easily downloadable from anywhere.

Consider Personal Cloud Storage to Keep Your Travel Nurse Documents Portable

Over the past several years, our personal computer storage space has transformed from giant desktop machines and laptops to flat tablets and even sometimes nothing more than a personal cell phone. If you’ve found yourself downsizing in this way, you may want to consider purchasing a personal cloud storage (PCS) device to ensure you always have a backup of all your travel nurse documentation, as well as your other digital content. You can set this up yourself rather easily, and then be able to access your documents, photographs, music and videos from an app on your cell phone or other device anytime, from anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection. Your other option is to use on online cloud service, such as DropBox or Google Drive, which usually requires a subscription and additional charges depending on how much storage space you need.

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