I am married, and my partner is also a travel nurse. Can we request an assignment together?

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October 09, 2019 05:56 AM (GMT-05:00)
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Hank’s Answer:

I really appreciate this question and the opportunity to respond to it. We frequently will get a request for couples or friends to travel together to the same location to complete an assignment(s). We fully understand the request and make every effort to accommodate your request. We know that when you can experience a travel assignment together it can bring joy and fulfillment. So, we welcome the opportunity to place you and your spouse or you and friends at the same location to honor your request.

We also understand that traveling together lessens fears and concerns about going to an unfamiliar location because you have your spouse or friend(s) to help you with the transition to the new location. Traveling together in partnership is a great opportunity to explore an adventurous life in a broader way. It is a time to experience all the location has to offer together.

Another reason to travel together is that you are able to enjoy the activities of the location together to build and share memories together that can last a lifetime. Family and friends are such an important part of life; we want them to be near you and for you to enjoy their presence. Your comfort and your satisfaction are of utmost importance to us.

Healthcare facilities also enjoy having travelers together because of the support it offers to them and to each of the travelers. Having two travelers at the same location is a real win for the client. So, clients are very open to offer you both a position at their location.

If you desire this type of travel assignment, please let your recruiter know up front so we can source for both positions at the same location. It is also important to communicate any lodging needs you may have. As always, communicating to your recruiter any and all desires or needs helps us find the absolute best location for you to be successful.

I look forward to more questions from our nurses. Our goal is to make you successful. Please submit your questions here. Remember: no question is out of order - send them all my way!

Always remember the words of Florence Nightingale: "I attribute my success to this - I never gave or took any excuse."

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