How Travel Nurses Manage Working Over the Holidays

How Travel Nurses Manage Working Over the Holidays
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October 29, 2019 10:22 AM (GMT-05:00)
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Do travel nurses have to work holidays? The simple answer is probably, depending on when your contract begins and ends. Before choosing an end-of-year assignment, you may be wondering if working holidays as a travel nurse is right for you. If you want to spend time with friends and family, can you get holidays off as a travel nurse? Or maybe you want to work and are wondering whether you’ll receive holiday pay or a holiday bonus. These are questions you’ll want to ask and have answered before you decide on your end-of-year travel nurse assignment.

Can You Get Holidays Off as a Travel Nurse?

Holiday scheduling for nurses is different in every hospital, so if you’re concerned about whether or not you will be required to work, it’s best to find out before you sign your contract, if possible. If you know for sure you will need to take specific dates off, let your recruiter know so these arrangements can be approved in advance. Of course, you probably became a travel nurse in large part because of the flexibility it offers, and you know that if you prefer, you can simply choose not to work at all during the holiday season.

Holidays as a Travel Nurse: Choose Your Climate

Nursing jobs with holidays off are few and far between, as hospitals are typically open 365 days per year. The great thing about travel nursing, though, is that you can choose where you spend your holidays. If you prefer a warmer climate and decorating a palm tree instead of a pine tree, choose an assignment along the East Coast or in the South. For nurses who like a more picturesque holiday setting, complete with snowflakes and ice rinks, there are plenty of options available in the North, throughout the Midwest and in the Pacific Northwest. Additionally, if you have friends or family members that don’t live nearby, it can be a wonderful experience to choose a travel assignment that lets you spend the holidays with them. Travel nursing also provides the opportunity to experience specific holiday events, such as winter music festivals or popular New Year’s Eve celebrations, like the one in New York City’s Times Square.

Nurse Holiday Pay: Could it be Worth Your While?

Perhaps the most important question regarding this subject is, do travel nurses have to work holidays at the same pay rates as non-holidays? Some hospitals are willing to pay special holiday rates for nurses who are willing to work on days most people want to take off. Other facilities may offer a holiday bonus. These are details you should be sure to address with your recruiter before your contract is signed. In any case, the ability to choose whether or not and if so where you will work during the holidays is a true gift when it comes to travel nursing

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