How Travel Nurses Can Manage Being Homesick During The Holidays

How Travel Nurses Can Manage Being Homesick During The Holidays
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November 27, 2019 12:13 PM (GMT-05:00)
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As a travel nurse, you’re probably used to be away from family and friends for long periods of time. However, the holiday season can be tough for anyone who’s away from the comforts of home, causing feelings of loneliness and depression. If you’re on a travel assignment away from home during the holidays, below are three useful ways to overcome feelings of sadness while on the road.

Seek Company in Your Facility or Hospital

Chances are there are other travel nurses or staff members at your hospital who may also be alone during the holidays. Seek company of others in your medical unit and make plans outside of work. This could include a holiday lunch or coffee date, or even a fun night inside watching movies or playing cards. Partaking even in just simple activities with others during the holiday time can alleviate feelings of loneliness and keep you busy so you’re not thinking of being homesick. If you have additional read our tips for travel nurses on what to expect when working over the holidays.

Practice Regular Self-Care

Often feelings of loneliness occur the most when you’re feeling run down and tired. Making a habit to destress and practice good self-care, such as eating healthy, taking hot baths and getting monthly massages, can help you cope better with stress and promote relaxation. In addition, you’ll feel healthier and better able to handle negative feelings that may surface during the holidays.

Limit Social Media Usage

Though technology certainly has many positive benefits for staying connected with loved ones, engaging in social media can cause feelings of angst and discomfort. Seeing pictures of your family and friends having fun during the holidays can make feelings of homesickness even worse. Try to avoid checking social media when you’re down and instead focus on yourself and your own plans.

Being mindful of your feelings is the first step to coping with the holiday blues. By managing your physical and emotional health, and seeking the support of others you trust on the road, you’ll get through the holiday season stronger than ever.

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