How Should You Tackle Travel Housing When Taking a Travel Assignment?

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September 26, 2016 16:38 PM (GMT-04:00)
CCN Travel Tips

Do agencies pay moving/transportation/meal costs to and from my travel destination?

Like most agencies, Cross Country Nurses does not cover the entire cost of traveling to and from your assignment. However, we do offer you a tax-free travel stipend to offset these expenses. The amount of your stipend is usually paid out upfront or split between your first and last paycheck. Our stipends often cover the cost of airfare or other public transit, or gas mileage if you are driving your own car to relocate. Though we don't pay for meals or hotels during your move, these expenses are usually tax-deductible. Ask your recruiter and tax planner for more details. 

Do you provide your travelers with a rental car while on assignment?

No, but we will reimburse you for miles traveled to and from your assignment whether you are using your own car or a rental. As long as an agency’s gas mileage rate complies with IRS standards, then these reimbursements are non-taxable. When you use your own vehicle, car maintenance and repair costs are tax-deductible. 

If I choose to find my own housing, what will be the amount of my housing subsidy (a.k.a. stipend)?

Housing stipends depend on your travel locale’s cost of living; they're calculated on a monthly basis and paid every two weeks. Your Housing Specialist can give you the exact amount of your housing stipend once you have determined your travel destination; you can pretty much count on that amount to be in line with the monthly rental fees of your agency-provided housing. 

If I stay with a friend or relative while on assignment, will I lose my housing allowance?

You are eligible for a housing allowance regardless of where you live while on assignment.

Do I qualify for free housing if I travel with my family?

Agency-provided housing typically accommodates a single traveler. A one-bedroom apartment is the norm and rent reimbursement fees and housing stipends are based on this parameter. If you are traveling with your family, Cross Country Nurses will try to find you a place that’s roomier and includes additional furnishings and amenities to meet your specific requirements, however, you will be responsible for paying the overage. 

Can I bring my pets along? Is there a pet deposit?

Cross Country Nurses knows how important it is to come home to your much-loved pet each day.That’s why many of our agency-provided housing complexes are pet-friendly. Pet rent is charged to you based on the property's rent policy and you might be charged a non-refundable per-pet fee if you bring multiple pets with you. Most places also require a pet security deposit to cover any damages to the property or to pay for additional cleaning expenses once you move out of the unit. You are responsible for covering those costs as well. 

If I reside in agency-provided housing or choose a private rental, are my personal items insured?

Unfortunately no, but give your insurance company a call: most offer short-term, inexpensive renters' policies that will cover your personal belongings. 

Am I taxed on my housing stipend?

If you have a permanent residence (also referred to as a qualified tax home), your housing stipend will not be taxed. If you do not have a tax home, you will be required to pay taxes on your housing stipend. A tax home is typically a residence you are planning to maintain when you are traveling and return to after you complete your travel assignment. To get more details on what qualifies as a tax home, please refer to our Tax Home Statement at and consult your tax advisor. 

Have additional travel/ housing question?

Call 1.800.530.6125 and ask tospeak to one of our talent acquisition specialists. Or surf our Travel Nursing Advice Blog for answers to more travel questions.

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