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June 06, 2018 12:00 PM (GMT-04:00)
CCN Travel Tips

Cross Country Healthcare’s new mobile app – CareerCare, is changing the way travel nurses find their next assignment. Simply put, CareerCare will make it easier for registered nurses, who are looking for a new travel position, to get on assignment faster than ever before. With enhanced job search features and a totally revamped, easier to use interface, this might be the best thing to happen to your nursing career since passing the NCLEX!

Now, before you do anything else:

  • Visit the Google Play or Apple Store and download the Brand New CareerCare Mobile App.
  • Explore the new app and get accustomed to its features and discover all great things CareerCare can do.
  • Review the Mobile App in the Google Play or Apple Store (5–Stars are Always Accepted)
  • Mention the Mobile App to all your fellow nursing professionals and have them do the same

Exciting New Features:

  • Easier navigation and user-friendly interface including a “call a recruiter” button and live chat feature
  • Easy, customizable job searches – no need to re-enter search information, it saves automatically!
  • More ways to filter through our openings to find the perfect assignments. Including, filters for teaching facilities, favorite locations, and exclusives assignments available ONLY through Cross Country.
  • Also New: Interactive Map Search
  • Nurses can apply for a selected assignment right from their phone
  • Candidates can complete a digital interview right from the app
  • iTravel users can access time sheets and pay stubs

Finding your next travel assignment will never be easier and getting on the job will never be faster! 

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Real Talk
"CCN has changed the way I look for and find jobs. It's as easy as looking and clicking on my phone. It’s a snap!" - Bob RN Columbus