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5 Common Myths of Travel Nursing Job Compensation, Housing & Benefits

Travel Nursing Myths

To set the record straight and help you manage your fiscal expectations from assignment to assignment, here are five misconceptions about travel nursing compensation that demand a closer look.

Pros & Cons of Extending Your Travel Nurse Contract

Travel RN Contract

While travel nurse contracts may be in place for several weeks, some hospitals or facilities may want to extend your contract. Learn what to do if presented this option, including weighing the pros and cons of extending your assignment.

Rising Violence in Hospitals: What Nurses Need to Know

Rising Violence in Hospitals

Working in a hospital setting can sometimes expose healthcare workers and nurses to violent behaviors from patients, with emergency room doctors and nurses experiencing the brunt of assault.

3 Simple Ways Travel Nurses Can Personalize Temporary Housing

Personalizing temp housing for travel nurses

When you take a travel assignment, you will often be provided with short-term housing for travel nurses.

How to Manage Travel Nursing Requirements & Documentation Compliance

Manage travel nursing documentation compliance

If you’ve been traveling for more than the past several years, you probably have a travel nursing portfolio of documentation you keep with you at all times that includes your licenses, certifications.

How Nurses Can Manage Their Exposure to Measles

how to prevent measles after exposure

Due to the recent measles outbreak that has occurred, healthcare professionals such as nurses, should be aware of symptoms and how to effectively manage their risk of exposure to the disease when at work.

3 Important Qualities of Travel Nursing Recruiters

3 Important Qualities of Travel Nursing Recruiters

Ready to take your nursing career on the road? Choosing the right recruiter is one of the first and most important steps you will take on this exciting new journey

Four Ways to Stay Fit and Active on Your Next Travel Nurse Assignment

4 Simple Tips for Travel Nurses to Stay Active on Assignment

When on assignment as a travel nurse, staying active and caring for your health can help you prevent burnout. Read four simple tips to help increase your fitness and energy levels while traveling.

How to Manage Your Risk of Burnout as a Nurse

Nurse Burnout

Burnout in the workplace can happen to employees in any field or industry, however, nurses are at an increased risk due to stressors such as decreasing budgets and staffing shortages. Learn the symptoms of nurse burnout so you can be aware and seek treatm

3 Ways to De-Stress from a Stressful Travel Nurse Shift

Tips to destress from travel nursing shift

Most people think travel nurses are always living their best lives, traveling to exciting destinations and never being in one place long enough to be affected by office politics.

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