What do I need to know about floating during this COVID National Crisis as a Cross Country Nurse?

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Ask Hank
April 03, 2020 04:03 AM (GMT-04:00)
Ask Hank

Hank’s Response:

As indicated in your question above, this is a national crisis! Nurses are on the frontline workforce day in and day out. Your skill sets are needed in a variety of ways and measures.

During a state of an emergency the demands change on an ongoing basis and the situation is fluid at best. Due to the rapid changes occurring we may be asked to do things that are not “normal” for us to meet the demands and the needs of the patients we are serving. When I say, “the patients we are serving” this has a much broader application than your patient assignment or the unit that you are assigned to. Together with our fellow nurses we are caring for all the collective patients at the location we are assigned.

While it true I do not want you to practice outside of the scope of your nursing practice, I do want you to practice to the top of the scope of your practice abilities. Allow me to provide an example. Maybe, you are excellent at starting IV’s and the ED is backed up. You may be asked to float to the ED to help start 10 IV’s. But you say, I am not an ED nurse. You are not being asked to do something outside your skill sets. The leadership has recognized you for your abilities and are asking you to deploy your skills in this time of urgent need.

I can fondly remember the days at the bedside when fellow nurses would come and lend me a hand when I had a crisis situation. I was grateful and always wanted to return the favor. It is all about us being united as one and delivering the best care possible to all patients at all times.

To all nurses, this is our time to shine, together! While I understand no one likes to float or get another assignment in the middle of a shift, the current situation calls us to be united as one for the common good of all of our patients. We are professionals and our patients needs more now than ever.

This is the year of the nurse. Florence would be proud of us! One her mottos has been my life’s motto. “I have never gave or take excuses”. May this be our motto for delivering quality care during this National Crisis.

Be Safe! Be Well!

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